I love to moderate.  I’m an observer by nature and find humans fascinating.  But more than that, I love the challenge of thinking on my feet, of noticing the subtle changes in body language or intonation, of understanding what someone is really thinking and feeling.

However, by virtually every measure, I am an Introvert.  On so many levels, I shouldn’t enjoy moderating. I shouldn’t be energized by the discussions in a focus group or the interactions in someone’s home or while shopping.  But I am.  After some pondering, I believe there are key reasons why Introverts make great moderators.

  • Introverts like to operate from the periphery: We observe and listen extremely well and often hear things that others do not
  • Introverts are empathetic: We tend to connect more strongly than our extroverted counterparts
  • Introverts process information quickly and thoroughly: We absorb new thoughts and integrate it with previous knowledge to identify what’s relevant
  • Introverts challenge the status quo: We think for ourselves and often approach the world in a very different way, resulting in unique perspectives

What have you found when working with a moderator who is naturally introverted? Or naturally extroverted? Share your thoughts in the comments section below …