Recently I attended one of best selling author, Marianne Williamson’s weekly lectures in Manhattan. She spoke about how “uncool” it is to talk about love in today’s culture. We talk about money, we talk about profits, but talking about love bespeaks a lack of intelligence. Unless you’re Ghandi or Martin Luther King Jr., you’re considered unsophisticated, “a softie,” if you speak about love.

Fortunately, there are business leaders, like John Donahoe, former CEO of eBay who are willing to say publicly that true strength comes from kindness, generosity, compassion, and, he dares to say, love. In his October 2016 speech at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (, Mr. Donahoe said that stress and fear of failure cause us to forget these virtues, which are in us when we are born. He and Marianne Williamson appear to agree that all kinds of success, including economic success, come from pursuing them. It doesn’t sound unsophisticated to me. It sounds smart.

Ok, so maybe it’s still a little “uncool” to talk about love, but this holiday season, can we start to have deeper conversations about the value of kindness, generosity and compassion? Can we start to diffuse the anger, contempt, judgment and condemnation that dominates our news feeds with tolerance, understanding and appreciation? If each one of us committed one additional act of love every day, what would the world start to look like?