If you do tomorrow what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today. Benjamin Franklin

This time of year (graduations!) always makes me think about change, and particularly about the transitions, big and small, that we all experience.  I have a belief that the only constant in life is that circumstances will change, but many others try to avoid change, to sidestep the virtually guaranteed uncertainty that comes along for the ride.

Yes, these transitions are challenging and uncomfortable, but there are a few tools we can use to navigate through:


When you know a transition is inevitable, play the scenarios through your mind.  What might happen? What do you want to happen?  What is the best outcome?  Once you begin to see the positive possibilities, your comfort level will increase, and so will your desire to act.

Be Flexible

Life is awesome at throwing us curveballs. Be prepared to shift your perspective and head in a different direction if necessary.

Give it Time (There is no quick fix)

While in transition (either personally or professionally), it can be quite tempting to say yes to the first option that becomes available.  But the best opportunities take time and are worth waiting for.

So if you’re facing a life transition, remember that sometimes it helps to “rehearse”, but allow for the inevitable variables. Transitions are opportunities for limitless growth if we prepare… but then allow them to just be.

What advice do you have for handling transitions?