Today’s world operates at a frenetic pace.  As we advance professionally, more is asked of us.  Lines between work and all else has blurred.  We wear an increasing number of ‘hats’ in our lives outside the workplace.  When on vacation, work is rarely left behind.  So, it’s no wonder that we can feel stressed, overworked and sleep deprived.

When you feel these pressures rising, consider the word, ‘No.’  One of the best pieces of parenting advice I ever received was that it is much easier to say “Yes” to your children, than to say, “No.”  Saying “No” is hard.  Saying ‘”No” is about setting limits on what is acceptable in certain situations and what is not.  The same philosophy can be applied in our adult interactions.  The art of saying “No” in some situations is about strategically sorting your priorities so you can decide how best to invest your time.  Understand what roles, tasks and activities are most important to you, your career, your family and which are time-suckers and energy zappers.   Not every email requires an instant response.  Networking events and charities will carry on without you.  Delegate where possible.  Manage expectations.   Be pragmatic in your approach.

While we can’t change the pace of life and the demands placed upon us, we can control how we respond to them.  Find the freedom in saying “No.”

What will you say “No” to?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below …