Are you getting the most out of technological innovations? There are a lot and they are being introduced all the time. We probably all have our favorites – I’m going to share some of The Sage Network team’s favorites and I invite you to share yours.

In the past few years we’ve seen the development of some innovative products that can just make our lives easier by saving time and making things simpler to those that offer a real improvement to the way we work.

Some of these are several years old and just seem like the new norm now. The internet and the hotel and airline apps have changed the way we book airlines and hotels and move through check-in and security. There is a lot less searching for paper tickets now. And no more searching for change at the toll both with E-Z Pass.

Soon we’ll all be used to the idea of a self-driving car and an irobot to vacuum the floor.

An innovation that has made working remotely be much more productive and more fun is video calls. With a multi person video call you can enjoy the connection with your team wherever you are. And with share screen tools we can share documents and be really productive. We’ve come a long way from telephone conference calls.

Voice recognition keeps improving and is better at converting voice to text. Have you tried the voice to scribe tools to record a conversation rather than dividing your attention trying to write notes and listen?

What innovations have made your life easier?