Boy, am I sorry…  As I take on more and more “projects,” as my executive coach friend calls them (I like to say I have more titles than a library), things are more than falling through the cracks. Sure, we’re all busy. And to a certain extent, busy is good. Keeps us out of trouble, my grandmother liked to say. But she also said that too much of a good thing is not so good, and I have reached the not so good point of being busy.

How do we know when we’ve hit this point? Well, I hit it last week when one of my “projects” put another, very important project in dire jeopardy, and my newest project became fixing the fallout. When my laptop and my phone both ran out of storage space. When I was multitasking, driving and listening to a podcast on “Fun,” and couldn’t remember the last time I had any. When I looked at my calendar several weeks in each direction, and didn’t have any social time scheduled. When my app that measures sleep quality says my average sleep quality for the last month is only slightly better than a chronic insomniac. Just a few, subtle signs…

What’s the solution? After all, I’m committed to all my projects. Step Number One is to stop taking on new projects. I love new projects, but for now I need to say no, or at least “not now.” Number Two is to review my existing projects and decide whether to continue, hold, or drop. Ouch. Number Three is to ask for help. Some of my projects have pieces that can be delegated or farmed out. I may have to pay for the help, but it’ll be worth it. Someone else may even be able to do it better than I can! Number Four is to make “Fun” a project. Yes, this does seem to conflict with Number One, but without fun I lose the perspective and balance I need to do any project well. So if, you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go turn on my favorite mp3 and dance it out!

How do you turn down the busy-ness? Leave your comments below.