Silence. We humans find it extremely challenging. We try to fill the absence of sound with something, anything. 

But silence can be incredibly powerful. It allows us to hear our thoughts, to process our experiences, to understand others. Without quiet time, we wouldn’t be able to reflect and explore our inner selves, the world around us, and the meaning of our interactions with that world.

Still doesn’t feel like enough reason to quiet your voice?  Here are four more benefits to being silent:

It allows you to listen more effectively
Some of us have a constant dialogue in our head, even when someone is speaking to us. If you can silence your brain and focus on what is being said, you might learn something. And, you will make the other person feel like they are being heard.  Powerful.

Your awareness of your environment is increased
When you take time to be silent and still, you see things in a different way. You notice the details and the big picture. You will allow other sounds and experiences to fill the void.  By making silence the approach, you will be engaged, thoughtful and informed. Powerful.

You experience both verbal and non-verbal communication
We say things with words, with intonation, with body language. Silence allows us to listen to what is being said and how it is being said, even what isn’t being said.  All of those pieces add up to a fuller comprehension of the person and the conversation. Powerful.

Sometimes restraint is your best response
Sometimes it is better not to respond. At least not immediately.  Allowing emotions to settle down while the brain processes the reaction can lead to a better outcome for everyone.  Powerful.

So, to all of you who despise the quiet…Embrace the power of silence!