More and more, science supports the notion that a strictly intellectual basis for decision making may not yield the best results.  That’s not to say that doing our due diligence is unnecessary.   However, we may be remiss if we make all our decisions based on cold, hard analytics.

The conscious mind interprets 40 environmental stimuli per second, according to cellular biologist and author, Bruce Lipton.  Pretty impressive.  But what’s more impressive, Lipton and others say, is the approximate 20,000,000  environmental stimuli processed by the subconscious mind each second.  Many believe that this is essentially what comprises “intuition,” taking in cues and data you’re not consciously aware of.  A good reason to trust that “gut” feeling.

More literally, science is actually discovering intelligence in the gut.  In addition to having 100 million neurons (the size of a cat brain, according to scientist Heribert Watzke), 90-95% of the neurotransmitter serotonin (responsible for feelings of wellbeing/happiness), is produced in the digestive track. The intelligence residing in the gut appears to be related to emotional intelligence, a valuable component of decision making.

Next time you have a decision to make try silencing the intellectual part of your brain and focus in on what your subconscious and gut are trying to tell you.  Does it change or influence you decision?  Leave your comments below.