Post Halloween, this isn’t about candy.   It is about recognizing when you’ve reached a special place – which is how I felt as I watched my kids trick or treat, running eagerly and joyfully from house to house.  My children, at 6 and 8, are in a sweet spot of childhood.  They are increasingly self-sufficient yet still untainted by the pressures or angst of teenage years.

In sports, the “sweet spot” is the ideal place on a bat, club or racket which makes the most effective contact with the ball.  It’s where the most power is generated with the most control and the least stress or resistance.   Similarly, Dr. Christine Carter defines the sweet spot, in her book of the same name, as that place where you have the greatest strength, but also the greatest ease.   For Dr. Carter, finding your groove is about automating habits where possible to free up time for what’s matters most.

No matter how elusive or short-lived, most of us have experienced this optimal state at one time or another.   Everything came together and great things happened at work or at home and they didn’t require sleepless nights.  But did you recognize you had hit your sweet spot?   And did you stop to enjoy it?   We can spend so much time trying to climb our own personal and professional mountains that we forget to take in the views and see the bigger picture.  We get stuck in a constant cycle of doing, striving, finishing, and starting again – without assessing whether doing all those things are actually the right things we should be doing.

So the next time the sparks start to fly and you find yourself in that optimal zone, stop and take a moment to appreciate what happened to get you to that ideal place, and then bask in it.

Have you found your sweet spot?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below…