Want to make meetings more productive? Plus/Delta is a simple tool used to collect feedback from attendees and make meetings more effective. At the end of each meeting, set aside 3-5 minutes to ask the group to identify things that made the meeting productive. Write the plusses (+’s), or what worked, on the left side of a flip chart. A brief headline format works best. Next, ask participants for a list of delta’s (∆’s). Delta’s are not a list of complaints. They are potential changes that might make future meetings more productive.  Capture those on the right side of the page (see Example below).

Before your next meeting review the +/∆’s. Build on what went well (+’s), and consider proposed changes (∆’s) for next time. At the beginning of your next meeting briefly discuss the plusses, and address the deltas. Let attendees know what action is being taken against each delta, and if none, why.

+/∆’s can also be collected anonymously, if people might be shy about sharing openly or if you are short on time. Have attendees write their +’s and  ∆’s on post-it notes, then put the post-it notes on the flip chart, as people leave. Using plus/deltas on a regular basis creates more productive meetings and builds trust for stronger teams.  Share your experience with +/∆, below!


                 +’s                 ∆’s
  • Started on time
  • Thorough discussion of the spending issues
  • Stuck to the agenda
  • More time for discussion
  • Need to hear from everyone in the room