Ideation Sessions

ideation brainstroming pictureIdeation sessions challenge you to move beyond everyday thinking to generate new and intriguing ideas.

We use many different techniques in our ideation sessions, and our Synectics-trained facilitators work with you to achieve breakthroughs.  Here are some tips for you to use.

Ideation is more than simple brainstorming. It is also:

  • An opportunity to utilize collective wisdom to solve problems − you spend less time spinning wheels
  • A powerful motivator − the buzz of a good ideation session can infect a team with optimism and build buy-in
  • A stretching exercise for the mind − you will approach problems differently even after the ideation is over

Meeting Facilitation

Taking part in an informal meeting picture

We facilitate many types of meetings, including:

When you have a really important meeting, you want to be sure that every minute is well-utilized so the best possible results are achieved.  We can help you to do that.

As facilitators, we are responsible for the process and the flow of the meeting, leaving you free to focus on the content and achieve the results you want.

Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company or a community team, we will work with you to understand your objectives, design the flow of the day, and determine the best techniques to use.

Consumer Sessions

focus group pictureOur facilitating expertise includes conducting sessions with consumers to uncover insights, whether it be through focus groups, individual interviews, ethnographies, etc. We become a member of your team to help uncover the insights you need. With our strategic background, we can help cut through the clutter to determine what’s really important.

We are:

Strategic – spot the bigger insight buried in the details
Knowledgeable – know the subject matter and what’s important
Instinctive – know how and when to probe to reach valuable insights
Welcoming  –  help respondents feel comfortable, at home, safe
Enthusiastic –  maintain high energy, appreciate everyone’s opinion
Inclusive – ensure all participants get to share opinions, not just the loud ones
Neutral – no taking sides, no leading questions
Flexible – comfortable with change
Organized – ensure the discussion flows on time
Diligent – oversee recruiting and ensure only qualified participants are accepted

We offer both online and in-person groups