It’s September, and we’re about to enter a new season, with new beginnings. I just dropped my daughter off at her new apartment, the day before she starts another year of college. I watched as she ruthlessly pitched things before leaving her old apartment, things that would not serve her in the new one. It made me wonder what might I be holding onto that I no longer need.

The obvious answer is two storage units full of stuff I haven’t had the need for in years. But what about attitudes? Habits? Beliefs? Am I hanging onto old ways of doing business that no longer serve me? Holding onto limiting ideas about how my talents serve the world?

As we prepare to enter autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve started a list of things I want to let go of. My top 3 are: 1) Physical stuff – clean out closets and begin to tackle those storage units. 2) The habit of micromanaging my children – my daughter didn’t set up her room the way I thought it should be…and that’s ok. 3) The belief that my career path needs to conform to some kind of “norm”.

What might you let go of as the trees shed their leaves?