The new year offers a fresh start, a chance to take stock in what we are doing right and in areas we’d like to improve.   Some of us resolve to make changes in our lives and be better.   Research has shown that those who make formal resolutions are more likely to see improvements than those who don’t ever bother.   When it comes to behavior change, it is also easier to succeed at positive goals (something you want to do) vs. negative ones (things you want to stop doing). The trick is to turn these wishes into real plans, actions with accountability.  Write your resolutions down, break them into smaller steps to be accomplished over time and tell others.

As you look back and forward this time of year, consider going beyond the usual diet, exercise, financial, and professional goals.  Take a stand – identify that ideal or thing which you are most passionate about and commit to making it a priority in 2016 and beyond.  It doesn’t have to be a big, lofty “save the world” goal.  It can be as close to home as putting your family first.  Find your fight.  Whatever it might be for you, commit (or re-commit) to it fully and resolve to defend it fiercely.   Have a strong conviction and live it daily.  This inner purpose will drive you forward and give you the ability to push through challenges.  It’s what enables ordinary people to do incredible things.

What is it that you are willing to fight for?  Tell us about it in the comments below.