focus group pictureOur facilitating expertise includes conducting sessions with consumers to uncover insights, whether it be through focus groups, individual interviews, ethnographies, etc. We become a member of your team to help uncover the insights you need. With our strategic background, we can help cut through the clutter to determine what’s really important.

We are:

  • Strategic – spot the bigger insight buried in the details
  • Knowledgeable – know the subject matter and what’s important
  • Instinctive – know how and when to probe to reach valuable insights
  • Welcoming  –  help respondents feel comfortable, at home, safe
  • Enthusiastic –  maintain high energy, appreciate everyone’s opinion
  • Inclusive – ensure all participants get to share opinions, not just the loud ones
  • Neutral – no taking sides, no leading questions
  • Flexible – comfortable with change
  • Organized – ensure the discussion flows on time
  • Diligent – oversee recruiting and ensure only qualified participants are accepted

We offer both online and in-person groups