I recently watched the Darkest Hour and heard the best quote from Winston Churchill…

…those who never change their minds never change anything….

In our personal life or at work there are usually things we want to change – maybe breaking a bad habit, changing team behaviors or company culture, or trying to change the world. And it all starts with making a change in your mind or your team’s mindset.  This is a rewiring of the brain…neuroplasticity … and it comes about with new learning or a new experience or a new thought deliberately put there.  Making change is about taking things off automatic….easier said than done.   I wrote a draft of this piece and then took a trip to the hardware store and spotted myself on automatic.   I saw a car with a bumper sticker supporting someone I don’t like and I automatically went into critical thoughts.  Inside the store I was looking for some batteries.  I went to the aisle where I recalled them being last time – they weren’t there.  I looked in the next aisle, and then the next aisle and then back to the original aisle – they still weren’t there.  They had a completely new location and luckily for me that was near the checkout. I was operating on automatic until something changed in my environment.

Try watching yourself and those around you.  How often do you operate on automatic – your thoughts, responses, your comments etc. Then try changing something small..a thought, a behavior and see what happens. If you like it keep practicing – you have to make a change in the brain pattern and that takes attention and focus and practice and repetition.

What do you want to change?