Our heads are very powerful, they are well trained and educated.  We go there to reason or to solve a problem.

A thought starts, that generates another thought and then another and then another and before you know it you are really busy in your head!!  And it can be tiring and usually doesn’t achieve much.

Sometimes we need to remember to take the elevator down from where we live in our head to our hearts.  Our heart is where feeling is, connection and empathy.  To communicate and really make a connection with another person we need to link our head and heart.   Those words that just come out “without thinking” are sometimes the heartfelt ones.

I doubt that any of us need help getting into our heads but maybe we could use some help to get from the  head to the heart.  Meditation and breathing exercises are good tools to use.  As you breathe deeper and slower, blood pressure drops and the heart opens. Practicing compassion also works.