Meditation is a quick way to reset and recharge your batteries, but some people find it intimidating:  How can I clear my mind?  I can’t stop thinking!  I don’t have time!

Here’s a quick, simple and easy meditation that will leave you feeling calmer and refreshed anytime, anywhere.  No “om’s” required.

Close your eyes and sit comfortably.  Take a couple of deep breaths.  When you feel yourself starting to settle, think of something you want for yourself.   It can be anything from relaxation, more energy, to a new car.  On the next inhalation, deeply breathe in that thing you want.  Then exhale its opposite.  So if you inhale energy, you might exhale exhaustion.  If you inhale calm you might exhale stress.  If you breathe in that new car, breathe out the old car.  You get the idea.

You can repeat this pair as many times as you’d like, then move onto another want/don’t want. Keep inhaling what you want and exhaling what you don’t want until you run out of things to inhale and exhale.  Take a couple more deep breaths and then slowly open your eyes.  In addition to a quieter mind, you should also feel more physically relaxed and ready to take on whatever you’ve got next!